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Premiera książki Neli Małej Reporterki pod tytułem "Nela na Wyspie Kangura" już 20. maja! Książki dostępne wyłącznie na stronie

W Biurze Prasowym Grupy Willson Media znajdziecie Państwo najnowsze informacje o naszych działaniach, nowościach wydawniczych i autorach. Zapraszamy do zapoznania się z komunikatami.

Australia with the Little Reporter - Australian Ambassador

Australia with the Little Reporter - new episodes of the cult program for children only on TVP ABC


Australia with the Little Reporter – new episodes of the cult program for children only on TVP ABC
It’s time to start the Australian adventure! “Nelly the Little Reporter” invites viewers to join her on a journey through the farthest corners of the red continent. The premiere episodes of the program entitled ” Nelly Little Reporter” from 23 October, every Friday at 1:00 p.m. only on TVP ABC!

The ” Nelly the Little Reporter” program is a documentary travel series presenting the adventures of a teenage globetrotter – Nelly. The girl travels around the world and spontaneously reports in front of the camera what she sees around her. She introduces viewers to local stories and legends, tells about local animals and flora, and shares her impressions from every place.

This time, Nelly went to Australia, where she appeared shortly after the great bushfires. In the premiere episodes of its program, you will be able to go to help animals, see what the field hospital for marsupials looks like, and find out how to check if there is an animal in the area that requires human care.

But that’s not all! Nelly will also show the beauty of Australia during autumn and winter, check if kangaroos come to the beaches, and talk about echidnas and the threats she has to face. The girl will visit a unique reserve for wild birds on Kangaroo Island and explain the body language of the cockatoo birds.
The newest episodes of the program “Nelly the Little Reporter” start on October 23, every Friday at 1:00 pm on the TVP ABC channel. More information about Nelly can be found at


"Sea Adventure book" - a calendar full of underwater adventures with Nelly

It’s time to start the whole year of underwater adventure with Nelly ! “Sea Adventure Book – 365 days under water with Nelly ”will take readers on a unique journey through underground rivers, as well as seas and oceans. Together with the Little Reporter, children will discover the secrets of the underwater world of animals and plants. The magazine was positively assessed by a neurologopedist, sensory integration therapist and an oligophrenopedagog. “Sea Adventure book” Morski Przygodnik for the 2020/2021 school year available for sale online from mid-August.

Once again, Nelly invites young readers for a joint adventure in the new 2020/2021 school year. From September, it will take children on a unique underwater journey across the seas and oceans around the world. she will talk about the Challenger’s Deep – the deepest place on Earth, she will dive into the underground caves of the mysterious Madagascar, and she will also organize a trip for the pirate’s treasure near Cocos Island. She will also tell about unusual animals that can be found in the depths of the sea. In addition to many curiosities and interesting facts related to the underwater animal and plant kingdom, readers will receive useful knowledge about diving.

The calendar starts in September and ends on the last days of August. During this time, Nelly describes 12 sea adventures she takes the reader on virtually. Thanks to many photos, drawings and detailed descriptions, a child can feel like a participant in an expedition with Nelly, as well as develop imagination and the ability to think creatively. Adventure Book 365 Days Underwater with Nelly is an excellent book that allows you to influence the development of many skills in children. First of all, it gives the opportunity to develop cognitive curiosity, imagination and creative thinking. The multiplicity of photos, illustrations and descriptions takes the reader on an amazing journey, explains Elzbieta Konopacka, a neurologist, a sensory integration therapist and an oligophrenopedagogue.

“Sea Adventure Book. 365 days under water with Nelly ”also serves as a calendar and planner that will help the child during the school year. The book encourages the reader to plan their tasks. It teaches duty, responsibility for the actions taken, and additionally reminds you of important holidays. The calendar layout helps your child to learn the seasons, months and days of the week, which is extremely important in acquiring orientation in time. The adventurer allows the user to plan their educational and after-school activities. It teaches regularity and organizes the activities of the child and the whole family. It helps to set goals and strive to achieve them – adds the expert, Elżbieta Konopacka.

This organizer can also be a fantastic help in building proper family relationships. Spending time together and planning activities included in the Adventure Book will have a positive impact on emotional and social development – summarizes the opinion of Elżbieta Konopacka, a neurologist, a sensory integration therapist and an oligophrenopedagogue.

“Nelly the Little Reporter” has been one of the favorite children’s and youth writers in Poland for years. Her books awaken in readers the desire to explore the world, interest in science and out of the box thinking. Nelly, as the idol of the youngest, encourages children to make their own dreams and make them come true.

“Sea Adventure Book. 365 days under the water with Nelly “is available for sale from August 19 online at  and in the best bookstores throughout the country.

The patron of the book is: Nelly Foundation:  “The Adventure starts Here Foundation”.

The media patrons of Adventure Book are: TVP2, TVP ABC, Polska Press, INTERIA


Polish e-commerce, i.e. the shopping habits of Poles abroad

The streak of online commerce, i.e. e-commerce, continues uninterrupted. Online shopping is becoming more and more popular every year, and the industry itself is growing dynamically. But what does this trend look like on the other hand? Do Poles living abroad make purchases in Polish online stores?

According to various estimates, at the end of 2019, the e-commerce market in Poland was worth around PLN 40 billion. Economists predicted that this growing trend would definitely continue into the future. This is not the end, the COVID-19 pandemic has additionally strengthened this industry, making it one of the few branches of the sales and service market not to lose but gain customers.

For several years, Poles have been more and more willing to shop in foreign stores. The most popular among Polish internet users is the Chinese market (approx. 73%), followed by the German and British (29% each) [1]. It is estimated that in 2019 about 26% of internet users decided to buy goods in a foreign e-shop at least once [2].

What does it look like on the other hand, i.e. orders from Poland to abroad?

Until a few years ago, the pattern of online purchases made by Poles living abroad was as follows: the customer was shopping online in his native online store, and for shipping he indicated the address of family or friends in Poland. Then the product was shipped abroad by post or was imported by third parties. This significantly extended the waiting time for the product and costs. However, we managed to change this trend – domestic stores are more and more willing to open to shipping abroad.

Currently, Poles living in exile are more and more willing to order domestic products from Poland directly to their current place of residence. Domestic online stores also try to adapt to the situation, adjusting payment and shipping to the needs of customers living abroad. “In the online store of the Willson Media publishing house, we try to provide customers with the highest level of service at the lowest possible price. That is why we approach each foreign order individually, both in terms of shipping and payment. Recently, we have modified our distribution channels and increased the weight of a package to 2 kilograms, which is important when ordering books, ”explains Agnieszka Sanecka from the Willson Media Group.

What do Poles order from the country most often?


Food products, and above all sweets, are definitely the first place. Books and educational materials are second in line. “While food products can usually be purchased in various Polish stores abroad, access to literature is actually limited. We are all the more pleased that there is an interest in books in Polish. We have noticed that parents of children who attend foreign schools try to provide a quality contact of the child with the Polish language. Hence, educational and fun books by a teenage traveler – Nela Mała Reporterka, are very popular, ”adds Agnieszka Sanecka.


As a spokesman for the Willson Media Group admits, the change in the option of international shipments from general to customer-oriented resulted in an increase in online sales by 20%. Among the most popular products sent abroad for several weeks, the book “Nela on Kangaroo Island” as well as T-shirts and lanyards are in the first place.

[1] Study “Cross-border e-commerce” from 2017.

[2] The study “E-commerce in Poland. Gemius for e-Commerce Polska “from 2019.

"Nelly on the Kangaroo Island" - a new book by the most popular children's writer - Nelly the Little Reporter

On May 20, the newest book by Nelly the Little was published! In it, the young traveler describes her account of her trip to the Australian Kangaroo Island. Together with Nelly, the children will go on an extraordinary journey – on a rescue expedition in search of bush animals that need human help.

Everyone has probably heard of the great fires that hit Australia. Volunteers from all over the world went to the Red Continent to save animals. They searched for koalas, echidnas, kangaroos and other marsupials that had suffered from fire and were waiting for human help. Nelly the Little Reporter also decided to fly to Australia in search of creatures that require immediate veterinary care. Now, she wants along with her to take readers on a journey and share with them the knowledge and experience she has gained. – This trip was special for me. Knowledge of first aid to wild animals is very important and I am happy to be able to share my experiences with other children, says Nelly.

In the book “Nelly on Kangaroo Island”, children will plan, together with Nelly, the route and places of search, they will learn to listen and find injured animals. They will undergo a first aid course for koalas and other marsupials. They will meet Echidna – the only mammals, next to platypus, that lay eggs like birds and have pink milk, and will visit a hospital for rescued animals. They will also find out what traces are left by kangaroos and whether they sometimes come to the beach. – I decided to expand the dimension of my book to do something good for pets too. Together with The Adventure starts Here Foundation – I have set a new day in the calendar. From this year, June 2, that is the day after Children’s Day, became the Day of First Aid for Wild and Domestic Animals! I started the # Usta-Pysk (Mouth-Snout) social campaign, in which, together with a super-vet, I will conduct free on-line training on my Facebook in providing first aid to animals. Adults can take part too. – explains Nelly.

The book “Nelly on Kangaroo Island” was appreciated, among others, by the Ambassador of Australia in Poland, who placed on its front page thanks to Nelly and all Polish children – As Nelly discovered during her last adventure – Australia is a great place to visit. Australians are very grateful for the expressions of sympathy and support from Polish children and their wishes for the reconstruction of beautiful places after the fires at the turn of 2019/2020 – such as Kangaroo Island – comments Nelly’s book Australian Ambassador in Poland – Lloyd Brodrick.

As usual, Nelly’s book will include photos, drawings and unique QR codes that allow access to previously unpublished additional videos. Thanks to them, children can get to know better the topics described by Nelly. The new publication also has a surprise! Post-secrets, or tiny echidnas that are hidden on different pages of the book – there are 100 of them.


How do you move even more into the world of adventure?

Along with the book, a unique drawing block will be available to create your own Australian rescue adventures with dedicated stickers – Outback Rescue Mission. Stickers + coloring adventure templates. The booklet has been divided into parts whose task is to help children understand the principles of caring for sick animals. Children will develop their imagination and creativity by creating their own animal hospitals, embarking on rescue missions and caring for Australian animals. The stories will be created by the children themselves, based on templates and stickers. Thanks to this, they will also be able to put into practice the knowledge they gained while reading the book “Nelly on the Kangaroo Island”.

Thanks to the adventure templates, younger readers will also be able to move to the world of animal care, but at the same time work on hand-eye coordination and learn about interesting facts related to the world of animals.

For the first time, Nelly’s book will also be available in other language versions – it is translated into English, Italian, French and Spanish. Other language versions will be released as e-books. Nelly also announces the recording of an audiobook for the book.

The patron of the book is: Fundacja Neli – The Adventure starts Here Foundation.

The media patrons of the book are: TVP1, TVP ABC,,,,

The book market during the pandemic - the number of new releases decreased


Australia after fires - ASH INSTEAD OF BUSH - a mini report by Nelly the Little Reporter from Kangaroo Island for the Angora weekly magazine

The last few months have been extremely hard for Australia. As a result of huge fires, more than 10 million hectares of bush were burned. Compared to Poland or Italy, it is roughly one third of the entire country.

I followed the situation in the media and decided to go there to testify to the devastation and suffering of the animals living there. It was the first time I went to a place affected by such a huge tragedy. I wanted to help, because even one saved animal is one less life lost.

Recently, I set up my foundation – The Adventure starts Here Foundation – to help animals and nature and show others how they can help. However, I did not think that one of my first initiatives as part of its activities would involve such a huge tragedy. This report is unpleasant, sad and reflective, and the silence I found there speaks for all the charred bodies of animals that I saw, and which no longer have a voice.

Animal tragedy is a difficult topic. As a fourteen-year-old I see the world differently, but the books I write all the time are aimed at children, so they do not contain drastic or unpleasant content. Children are extremely vulnerable and need protection as some things may be too difficult for them to be able to come to terms with. It was also difficult for me, but I know that if I was younger my parents would never let me see what I saw with my own eyes.

Kangaroo Island, which I went to, is in the south of Australia. It was said in the media that she “burned down”, so I wondered if I would think anything of it? Will I have a place to live? And will I even get to it? Fortunately, it turned out that half (eastern part of the island) survived. I lived there and from there I traveled to the western, burned part in search of animals that could survive.

I got there on Saturday, February 22, by direct plane from Adelaide – a town in the south of Australia. Adelaida itself was a peaceful city enjoying life. There was no indication that a life and death struggle with the element took place just a bit further.

Even Kingscote Airport on Kangaroo Island looked pretty “normal”. I reached them in a small plane – for about fifty passengers. The plane was full and the island-to-island traffic was smooth. Everything seemed like an ordinary everyday day.

We rented a car to be able to move freely, but at the airport the owner of the car took out the map and crossed it with a vertical line, dividing it more or less in half.

– This part is burnt. – He said. – This part is good. – He stated and added. – Don’t go to the west side. It’s dangerous out there. The trees are burnt, they are falling and there is nothing there. At the same time, he crossed out places worth visiting on the map, but which no longer exist. Including – one of the shelters for wild animals that operated on the island.


I didn’t listen. I went just where I thought I should be – a place where animals might need help.

So I went west – that is, to the burnt part of the island. At first, the landscape was pleasant. Green eucalyptus trees grew along the road with a strip of red-orange earth stretching along its edges. However, the deeper I headed west, the more the view changed.

In some places, single burned trees began to appear, which were difficult to see among the rest of the vegetation. Later, patches of burnt places appeared. After some time I drove into the ruins of the bush. The ground turned gray and the trees were black.

We stood and got out of the car. I entered what was once called the bush, but what I walked on was not the ground. It was ash – a thick ash that covered hectares of a not so long green bush – an animal home that had turned into a huge, burnt outcrops of trees.

I have visited almost the whole world, I saw a lot of different things, but the view I found there will change my view on the scenarios of the future of nature. It will definitely make them more real.

Young kangaroos, koalas and opossums that had not managed to escape the power of fire lay charred in all sorts of places and positions. After arranging their bodies, the history of their last moments could be read in the place where they lay.

Some tried to escape to the road. Others climb as high as possible. Still others – mothers of kangaroos and babies separated to find a way out. I also saw two charred koalas under one tall eucalyptus. They lay separately on opposite sides of the tree. I immediately understood that it was a mother with a young one. They must have fallen together, perhaps split halfway to the ground. They burned just three meters apart. I also found an opossum still clinging to the twig …

It was one of the sadder sights I have encountered here. Despite everything, I tried to take photos to document well what happened on this tiny island.

From Kangaroo Island I brought one more observation that made a strong impression – complete silence. It’s remarkable because this half of the island has lost any sound. At first I didn’t notice it, I didn’t notice it until after a while. Then I looked around and noticed that there was not a single insect here. Even flies or mosquitoes that annoy everyone on a daily basis. A bit as if the island showed no signs of life. Every now and then, somewhere in the distance, there were single sounds of birds that flew in for a moment, or strayed, but then flew on. Sometimes I wondered what it would be like if there were no sounds in the world. You could say unfortunately, but now I got the answer.

It may sound strange, but I really needed to know that this place is alive after all. I started looking for any signs that some animals had escaped the fire. Step by step, I checked the ash for animal footprints. I figured if anything was saved, it left traces. After a few hours and a few kilometers of searching, just in the evening I noticed a nice shape of round ears protruding from the tree trunk. It was a nice feeling because it meant the animal had fur.

I walked up to the tree, carefully avoiding the charred bodies of the koala, and looked up. It was a living koala. I looked at her and the tears came to my eyes by themselves. In the middle of nowhere, one living koala … Before leaving for the burnt part of Kangaroo Island, I checked what to do in case of finding an animal in need of help. So I first notified the koala hospital that rescues these animals and gave me the exact GPS location where I found her. The rescue team uses special ladders to find koalas and takes them to the hospital in the center of the island. The koala was saved and after hydration it was transported to an area where it could eat fresh eucalyptus leaves.

What I had seen so far on Kangaroo Island was difficult for me, so I felt that I had to go to a place that gave me real hope that everything could return to normal. In the western part of the island, I went to the local veterinary office, which housed animals rescued by humans.

I spoke to Lauryn Steward – a truly amazing vet who deals with local animals. Koalas were particularly hard on the island, she said. According to her report, 80 to 90% of the marsupial population probably died on the island. All residents, as well as volunteers, participated in the action of saving animals. They brought various animals to their office all the time, but mainly koalas. I also asked about kangaroos – animals that are the symbol of Australia. Here, however, her account made me very sad. They suffered a lot, she said, because, unlike koalas, they could not climb the upper parts of the trees to wait for rescue. Unfortunately, most of the kangaroos that were taken care of by these vets had to be euthanized – their burns were too extensive. Most of the rescued koalas had severe burns to their toes and paws. Two collar agams, which are fortunately feeling better and better, also came to the veterinary office. Finally, Lauryn said that although the fire only affected half of the island, the losses were enormous, as 85% of the bush was burned down. The place that was home to wild animals turned to ash.

The next day, by chance, I heard about a temporary animal hospital and I think I knew right away that I had to go there. This is how I found Dana Mitchell. Dana and her husband own the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park, where they take care of the animals on a daily basis. During the evacuation of the endangered areas, they refused to leave and instead opened a field hospital for burned animals. We didn’t get to talk long because Dana was very busy all the time. However, she found a moment to share the situation with me at the center. According to Dana, even more than half of the animals living on Kangaroo Island were burned and there were around 200 koalas in their care. However, the situation is constantly changing. 

Animals that do not need emergency care are released into the wild. The rest are given medicines and dressings every day. I was surprised to see that the bandage changes take place under anesthesia, but Dana explained that the koalas – although cute – are still wild animals. Moreover, such a procedure, while the patient is asleep, is less stressful for him. In the center, the animals gain strength and rest. I spent a few hours at the center, walked among the vets working in this field hospital, and tried to help. I have no medical background so my role was to bring clean bandages and talk to the koala. I once read that the manner of speaking and the tone of voice are more important than the words that are said. Koalas don’t understand human language, so I focused on talking to them in a calm voice. I told them that when they recovered they could go home and everything would be normal.

After visiting the veterinary office and the temporary animal hospital, I am still very impressed with the work of these people. At the same time, I feel very grateful that there are people who just want to help.

I left Kangaroo Island after less than a week, on February 27.

My thoughts after this trip are that we underestimate our environment. We see trees, flowers, birds and even insects every day and treat them as commonplace. It’s only when some huge tragedy happens, as happened in Australia, that people begin to cry for what they have lost. If we do not appreciate nature, it will stop us soon, and for longer than it was on the western part of Kangaroo Island.

Fortunately, nature has a strong will to live. The bush on Kangaroo Island is slowly being reborn. Eucalyptus shed burnt bark and sprout young leaves. Plants turn green here and there. I think that these areas will soon be inhabited by new animals that will come from the eastern part of the island. With them will come sounds and noises that will cover the empty silence I can still hear.

Scientists estimate that from 480 to 900 million animals died in wildfires in Australia. Some species have become irretrievably lost.


W czasie pandemii i restrykcji związanych z wychodzeniem z domu, Polacy chętniej niż dotychczas korzystają z Internetu. Platformy internetowe do oglądania seriali, filmów i programów, cieszą się przyrostem widzów na poziomie kilku milionów[1]. Jak to wygląda w social mediach?

Nela Mała Reporterka rozpoczęła dwutygodniowy cykl codziennych spotkań autorskich dla dzieci już 17 marca. Na swoim Facebooku opowiada dzieciom o swoich książkach, przygodach, prowadzi lekcje rysunku egzotycznych zwierząt i lepienia z plasteliny.

Wyniki oglądalności

Internetowe spotkania z Nelą cieszą się ogromnym zainteresowaniem wśród dzieci i rodziców. Na dzień 26 marca wyniki kształtują się następująco: prawie 300 tysięcy osób obejrzało materiały Neli, zaś zasięgi na jej fanpage wzrosły o 126%. Mała Reporterka może pochwalić się również wysokim stopniem zaangażowania odbiorców, aktywność dotycząca postów zwiększyła się o 455%, a tempo nowych polubień wzrosło o 253%[2]. „Nelę zdecydowanie wyróżnia ciekawy kontent. Ona sama jest jeszcze dzieckiem, więc najlepiej wie, co jest interesujące dla jej rówieśników i młodszego pokolenia. Dużym plusem jest jej spontaniczność, Nela nie działa według żadnych schematów, a dzieci to widzą i uwielbiają” – wyjaśnia Agnieszka Sanecka z Willson Media, licencjodawcy tytułu Nela Mała Reporterka. Wirtualne spotkania z nastoletnią podróżniczką od kwietnia będą kontynuowane w nowej odsłonie, Nela wzbogaci je o kolejne tematy plastyczne, cały czas pozostając w sferze poznawania świata, zwierząt i edukacji.

Według badań z 2019 roku, około 80% Polaków korzysta z Internetu[3]. Spotkania online z piosenkarzami, aktorami oraz pisarzami zyskały ogromną popularność. Coraz więcej rozpoznawalnych osób decyduje się na organizowanie nieoficjalnych spotkań online ze swoimi fanami we własnym domu. Najpopularniejszymi do tego narzędziami są social media.


[1] Dane wg serwisu Wirtualne Media, z dn. 30.03.2020.

[2] Dane z Facebookowego fanpage Nela Mała Reporterka za okres 28.02-26.03.2020

[3] Raport za rok 2019, przygotowany przez Ministerstwo Cyfryzacji.


The pandemic threat that has emerged around the world in recent weeks has forced many people to change their daily habits. Therefore, online meetings with artists, actors, writers, etc. are gaining popularity, including Nelly, who spends her evenings in virtual conversations with children and their parents.

The series of meetings with Nelly, entitled “Books as a window on the world”, started on Tuesday 17 March on the young explorer’s Facebook profile. Every day for 14 days, Nelly conducts an Internet meeting during which she talks live about selected adventures from her books. “I know that in the near future we will all have to stay in our homes for the sake of our relatives, especially grandmothers and grandparents. This is why I decided to organize meetings on the Internet, during which I tell the children about my travels, the animals, also giving drawing lessons ”- explains Nelly.


The virtual meeting with the young writer was much appreciated by the families. The first event with Nelly had nearly 25,000 views and a high degree of audience engagement as well. The number of comments and reactions under the material was over 4.5 thousand. “Meetings with authors with Nelly the Reporter organized in various parts of Poland always attract real crowds. On average, 1,500 people attend these types of events, mainly children with their parents and guardians. By supporting Nelly in the preparation of her series of meetings “Books as a Window to the World”, we expected a lot of interest. “As you can see, it happened,” explains Agnieszka Sanecka of the publishing house Willson Media – licensee of Nelly’s books and films.


Online meetings with Nelly take place every day, March 17 to 31, on Nelly’s Facebook fan page The events start at 7pm and last approximately 60 minutes. During Nelly’s presentation, children can ask their questions and receiving selected answers after the event.



 On Nelly fanpage

WILLSON MEDIA on the Polish publishing market

With the beginning of the year, the film producer and post-production company Willson Media – a licensor of books and films by Nelly the Little Reporter – expanded its activities to include publishing activities on the book market. Projects created within the group will continue to be based on educational content aimed at children of a natural and geographical nature.

Willson Media enters the market with a strong position because the strategic title of the group is the travel series of Nelly the Little Reporter, addressed to children and teenagers. In addition to publishing new books by Nelly, the company still has post-production and promotional services for the teenage writer’s TV reports and organization of author meetings.
“Willson Media has extensive competences, because in addition to cooperation with the authors and the current activities of the publishing house, it also deals with production and post-production of film for television. Our recipients are mainly children and teenagers ”explains Agnieszka Sanecka – PR & Marketing Director of the film and publishing group. Currently, the partners and licensees of the brand include: Burda Media (National Geographic) and TVP.
The activities of Willson Media focus mainly on projects with a natural, geographical and pro-ecological profile. The publishing house also focused on the development of the youngest branch of its activity, namely the animation department. “Among the activities planned for 2020, in addition to the well-proven and popular titles, we have several completely new publications and productions. We work together with Polish and foreign artists, which is why we will surprise our audience more than once, both younger and older ”sums up Agnieszka Sanecka.
The group also cooperates with The Adventure starts Here Foundation, founded by Nelly the Little Reporter.

Grupa współpracuje również z fundacją The Adventure starts Here Foundation, założoną przez Nelę Małą Reporterkę.

For more information, visit


“When I read a good book for the first time, I experience the feeling of making a new friend”
Johann Wolfgang Goethe

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