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 See More is a free mobile application for iOS and Android users. The original Willson Media program was created to scan QR codes placed in the books of Nela Mała Reporterka – “Nelly the Little Reporter”

Thanks to See More, children have access to previously unpublished video materials containing interesting facts from books. In addition, the application allows you to view all of Nelly’s posts from her social media channels in one place and indicates links to profiles on Instagram and Facebook fanpage. The application also allows you to watch selected programs of Nelly and listen to podcasts from broadcasts on Radio Dla Ciebie – Radio 4 You.

QR codes are hidden in 14 books by “Nelly the Little Reporter”

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To read the codes on your device, you must have Internet access.

To play QR codes, you need to have YouTube installed on your device.

App See More – why is that important


Thanks to the natural and geographical curiosities available through the application, children learn new information and build their own curiosity about the world


QR codes hidden in books, unusual pictures and stories about the mysteries of the world trigger in children the spirit of explorers


  The application provides a preview of Nelly’s Instagram posts and Facebook fanpage. The child can also watch selected episodes of Nela’s programs and has access to Nelly’s radio podcasts from RDC – Radio 4 You


By reading about long journeys and looking at photos of exotic animals, children develop their imaginations and learn to be creative

Who is See More for?

The See More multimedia application is dedicated to children interested in additional information about Nelly the Little Reporter and her adventures

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